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January 4, 2024
2023 Retrospective

I could talk about things that were important in the world last year but I don't think I have anything terribly constructive to add, so instead I will post this:

At the end of 2021 I calculated some stats, but apparently I forgot to do anything for 2022. Here's 2023:

  • Code: git commits from 2022's 6.73+dev1231 to 2023's 7.07+dev1229 for which I am the claimed author (excluding merges): 2,158 (down from 2,264 in 2021)
  • Code: cumulative changes in repository (not just me, everything including Schwa and anything third-party): 1888 files changed, 108639 insertions(+), 80371 deletions(-) (also slightly less significant than 2021)

  • Foot-based-transport (from Strava): here, with my acquisition of a herniated disc in May, I started walking a lot and paying attention to the total foot-based miles and not just running: 2,519 miles in 712 hours and 58 minutes, with 154,329 feet of climbing (and similar descent, I imagine). Running was 572 miles of it (100 hours or so). I enjoyed the walking. I walked a number of NYRR races in order to 9+1 qualify for the NY Marathon next year, and walked the NY Marathon in about 5:19. It's not quite the same experience as running it, but still really enjoyable and a challenge.

  • Bicycling: I only strava'd 892 miles on a bike (since I ended up walking everywhere I could), though I missed some miles as I would often do Citibike shuffling on my walks, and wouldn't bother putting those in Strava (instead counting the walking portion of the shuffle). Still love my Casseroll Single. Got new wheels for it (the rims had suffered through enough braking with winter grit), and a front rack.
  • Bicycling: I rejoined Citibike in order to earn Bike Angels points, I think it ended up being a couple thousand but they don't really make it easy to see it over time. My lifetime total is now 3,125. I suspect I started this year with closer to 1,200.

  • Music played with others: 56 sessions (down from 62 in 2021), producing about 83 hours of music.
  • Music recorded: 21 doodles. also 16 super8 sessions (which produce about 9 hours of youtube content). Both quite a bit lower than 2021. Hmph.
I guess the overall trend is that I'm slowing down! Something to think about...


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