Features in v1.1
8 bpp Palettized Rasterizers
  • Triangles only
  • Efficient single pass rasterization
Open Rasterizing Architecture (ORA)
  • Makes it easy to use your own rasterizers with Plush!
    (Feel free to send any fast ones to me :)
  • Write your own Direct3D, OpenGL or GlideDOS wrappers, for hardware acceleration, with the sane Plush interface.
Fill Modes
  • Solid
  • Translucent
  • Affine Environment Mapped
  • Perspective Environment Mapped
  • Affine Texture Mapped
  • Perspective Texture Mapped
  • Affine Textured Environment Mapped (no shading)
  • Perspective Textured Environment Mapped (no shading)
Shade Modes
  • No Shading
  • Lambert Shading
  • Gouraud Shading
  • Phong Shading via Environment Maps
  • Distance Gouraud Shading
  • Distance Flat Shading
Hidden Surface Removal
  • Painter's Algorithm
    (HeapSort polygon sorting)
  • Perspective Correct Z-Buffering
    (Floating point Z-Buffer)
Full 3D Frustum Clipping
  • Polygon splitting with automatic retesselation
  • No scanline clipping necessary! Makes for simple rasterizers!
  • Unlimited number of cameras
  • Full camera control (6 DOF)
    • Zoom
    • Position
    • Roll, Pan, and Yaw
    • Target tracking
  • Unlimited number of lights
  • Point Lights with 3 different falloff modes
  • Directional Lights
  • Support for precalculated lighting
  • Light color simulation by material specular definition
  • Automatic palette mapping and management
  • Phong color-ramp generation
  • PCX Texture Reader
  • Automatic Texture Rescaling
  • Automatic Texture Palette Optimization
  • Hierarchical Objects
  • Primitive Generation
    (Sphere, Torus, Cube, Plane, Cylinder, Cone)
  • .3DS Mesh Reader
  • .COB Mesh Reader
  • .JAW Mesh Reader
  • Nth Dimensional Spline Interpolator for smooth motion
  • Tension, continuity and bias controls